anxiety and depression

Sirona offers the highest quality CBD products that may help with anxiety and depression.

Mental illness is unfortunately still stigmatized, often preventing many from the treatment they need. Only 37% of Americans with anxiety disorders are receiving treatment, amplifying this significant issue. With anxiety and depression being the most common mental health issues in the US, over 40 million Americans are affected while many others are suffering from other mental illnesses. The current offering of anxiety and depression pharmaceutical drugs have significant side effects that may outweigh the benefits. CBD may provide a new pathway to treatment.


Anxiety and depression can severely impact day-to-day life leading to lack of productivity, difficulty concentrating at work or school, social isolation, and much more. Preclinical research has showcased CBD’s promising results for alleviating anxiety as well as aiding in the symptoms of depression. CBD may promote healthy levels of serotonin while regulating other vital chemical mood messengers in the endocannabinoid system for homeostasis. The potential anti-anxiety benefits of CBD may present a long-term solution, replenishing healthy levels of endocannabinoids that may assist in lowered levels of anxiety with daily use. Studies have also found that CBD may lower blood pressure, working intuitively to lower anxiety and stress.


Sirona CBD is proud to be on the journey of exploration, finding different pathways to treatment that don’t include a laundry list of side effects. Our CBD products are formulated with anxiety and depression relief in mind, providing a proprietary list of natural ingredients that may promote alleviation from these mental health conditions. If you have any questions regarding CBD for anxiety and stress, please contact us!