diabetes OPTIONS

Sirona provides industry-leading CBD products that may aid in diabetes support as well as prevention.

Diabetes has been one of the most prevalent health conditions in the US, affecting over 30 million Americans. Type 2 diabetes is a preventable condition but accounts for 96% of those with diabetes. With 25.2% of our senior community living with diabetes, this condition is definitely a higher risk for elderly adults. As the seventh leading cause of death in the US, diabetes prevention and management is crucial for addressing this incurable disease. CBD may provide preventative support while offering potential symptom management.


Preclinical studies have discovered CBD’s potential for treating insulin resistance. The promising anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may reduce cardiovascular stress, promoting diabetes prevention. CBD may also lower body mass index, decrease obesity levels, and contribute to fat browning. CBD has the potential for lowering high cholesterol as well for further preventative care.

For individuals diagnosed with diabetes, CBD may provide pain relief for neuropathy. Many diabetics experience nerve damage that leads to chronic pain. Preclinical data have shown CBD’s effectiveness with addressing nerve pain and may increase the body’s level of nerve growth. CBD may address numerous other symptoms and conditions caused by diabetes including retinopathy, skin conditions, and much more.


Sirona CBD is proud to offer healthy, natural CBD products that may offer therapeutic potential for those diagnosed with diabetes or are looking for preventative care. Our CBD line may provide the cardiovascular health benefits for potentially lowering the risk of diabetes. Adding CBD to active lifestyles and healthy diets may lower your risk for type 2 diabetes. If you have any questions regarding CBD and diabetes, please contact us!