Heart Health

Sirona delivers high quality products that can be implemented into your daily routine for promising heart health and cardiovascular benefits.

Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the US. Cardiovascular health is easily compromised by poor diet, lack of exercise, as well as oxidative stress and environmental toxins. With cardiovascular health as the main priority for many, finding natural ways that promote heart wellness is crucial. There are numerous pharmaceutical options available for blood pressure and other cardiovascular health issues. As with all other prescription medications, there is often a long list of side effects that can impact day-to-day living. CBD may provide a natural supplement for heart health benefits.


Preclinical data has showcased the promising potential for CBD lowering high blood pressure while offering substantial antioxidant-rich nutrients that may promote cardiovascular benefits. The essential fatty acids found in CBD may reduce inflammation, further optimizing the potential anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD which is crucial for comprehensive cardiovascular health. Inflammation can cause damage to blood vessels, leading to heart disease and stroke. The promising anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may present a great preventative solution for various heart conditions.


Sirona CBD welcomes you to join us on our discovery to different pathways of treatment. We’ve carefully crafted CBD products paired with heart-health-focused ingredients for potential cardiovascular benefits. With preventative care in mind, CBD may be a great addition to active lifestyles and healthy diets. If you have any questions regarding CBD and heart health, please contact us!