sleep AID

Sirona delivers formulated CBD products that may enhance your quality of sleep.

Good sleep can be easily taken advantage of. Once we start experiencing sleep disorders or chronic health conditions that impact sleep, that’s when we usually recognize just how important consistent, good sleep is. Inadequate sleep can lead to significant health issues from immune system suppression to lack of focus and productivity during the day. Sleep disorders can impede on your daily responsibilities, causing considerable issues both physically and mentally. CBD may offer a natural alternative to traditional sleep aids.


Both over-the-counter and prescription sleep drugs have adverse side effects alongside dependency issues. While these traditional sleep aids may offer effective short-term support, dependency and tolerance are both clinical concerns that should be considered. These methods should never be utilized as long-term managment solutions, requiring individuals to seek natural alternatives.

CBD can actually be alerting in small doses, but many individuals have reported a sedative effect when trying CBD. Studies have shown CBD’s potential for increasing melatonin and serotonin production in the central nervous system, which may promote a more consistent level of sleep. CBD may aid with daytime fatigue while offering other promising benefits that may address other conditions that impede on your sleep. The anti-anxiety properties of CBD may assist those with PTSD in falling asleep while providing sufferers of other anxiety orders relief as well. Chronic pain is also associated with poor sleep– the potential pain-relieving symptoms of CBD may alleviate this issue helping facilitate a better nights sleep.


Sirona CBD has always searched for alternative pathways to treatment. Sleep is such an important part of healing and restoration that can offer significant health benefits. Our CBD products have been carefully crafted with sleep in mind, providing potential anti-anxiety and pain-relieving benefits. Experience promising mind-body relief through consistent CBD use. If you have any questions regarding CBD and sleep, please contact us!