Sirona For Spas

Sirona offers the highest quality CBD products that SPAS USE LEGALLY AND SAFELY and may provide amazing benefits and relaxing results.

Spas are often categorized as a luxury expense but actually deliver comprehensive therapeutic services that complement both mind and body. With numerous benefits that replenish skin, muscles, nails, and hair, spas can be a part of anyone’s monthly routine or special occasion treat. Since spas offer so many beauty services that aim to fill self-confidence and overall wellness, CBD upgrades can optimize the guest experience while enhancing the existing benefits of your services.


CBD can heighten revenue while maximizing client satisfaction. Since CBD upgrades are being offered at a premium, your spa can diversify your service offering while giving a one-of-a-kind experience. This mutually beneficial solution also delivers numerous potential benefits for your clients. Experience an increase in client retention, attract new clients, and promote an alternative pathway to healing.

  • Skin, hair, and nail health: CBD is nutrient-packed with essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, and antioxidants. This healthy composition may promote better skin, hair, and nail health. The antioxidant profile of CBD may fight free radicals, helping repair skin damage from UV radiation and environmental toxins. The encouraging anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD may provide relief for chronic skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Pain relief: The renowned potential pain-relieving benefits of CBD may provide immediate alleviation for sore muscles, inflamed joints, nerve pain, and much more. Targeting problem areas with topical CBD may optimize recovery rates while providing temporary relief.
  • Improved sleep: By stimulating melatonin and serotonin production, CBD may offer improved quality of sleep while limiting daytime fatigue.
  • Stress and anxiety relief: One of the main purposes of any spa service is relaxation. CBD’s anti-anxiety and stress relief properties may promote better relaxation, stimulating vital mood regulators for a calm experience.

CBD may offer other incredible health benefits with regular use, giving spas a great opportunity to upsell CBD products to clients. With the opportunity to educate guests and provide a hands-on experience, spas are a great way to introduce members of our community to CBD.


There is a multitude of different ways that a spa can implement CBD in their services. Since CBD is such a versatile product, it can often be offered as an upgrade to an existing service. Many spas have also had great success with adding specialty CBD services to their offering.

  • CBD Facials: CBD tincture can be added directly to masks and topical treatments for potential skin benefits. Preclinical data have shown that CBD may promote healthy levels of sebum production while providing potential anti-inflammatory benefits for alleviating acne flare-ups. CBD facials are ideal for problematic skin services as well as anti-aging services. The antioxidant profile of CBD may reduce signs of premature aging.
  • CBD Scalp Treatment: Scalps can often experience irritation resulting in flakey, dry skin. Adding CBD tincture to your existing scalp treatment or using it alone may enhance the benefits, offering relief for dry, itchy scalps. The coconut-derived MCT carrier oil found in our tincture delivers comprehensive moisture, promoting skin health.
  • CBD Hair Care: Incorporating CBD into your existing hair care services may offer a great way to improve deep conditioning treatments while providing essential nutrients to your client’s hair. CBD tincture can be added directly to deep conditioning services or used alone as a wash-out treatment.
  • CBD Massages: One of the best CBD spa offerings is through massage service. Topical CBD lotions, creams, and massage oils can be used alternatively to traditional options. CBD massage may provide relief for sore muscles, inflamed joints, nerve pain, and much more. CBD is mutually beneficial for massage therapists, offering potential relief from saddle joint pain, tenosynovitis, and carpal tunnel.
  • CBD Manicures and Pedicures: Adding CBD to the massage portion of your manicure or pedicure service may offer pain and stress relief. Topical CBD may promote skin regeneration while offering potential benefits for nail health from its linoleic acid content.
  • CBD Waxing: CBD may be a great aftercare treatment for waxing services. Topical CBD’s promising anti-inflammatory properties may alleviate skin irritation, calming the inflammatory response. With potential pain-relieving qualities, CBD may soothe your client’s skin after a wax optimizing the experience.
  • CBD Tanning: Skin damage caused by tanning beds is ultimately unavoidable. By offering topical CBD after a tanning session, some of the damage may be mitigated while potentially boosting skin health. Spray tans require hydrated skin in order to prevent flaking and patchiness. CBD may boost moisture levels, offering a great addition to spray tans.
  • CBD Body Treatments: Incorporating CBD into body masks, wraps, and moisturizing treatments may provide numerous skin benefits and overall stress relief. CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties may deliver restorative properties that can be experienced throughout the body. With CB2 receptors located throughout the skin, CBD is a great addition to body treatments.


Since topical CBD isn’t ingested and processed through the liver, it does not encounter the cytochrome P450 system. Topical use of CBD creams, lotions, massage oils, tinctures, etc. do not cause drug interactions, making them a safe offering for any spa service. If your spa decides to carry other CBD products for sale, it is important to note that ingesting CBD does lead to drug interactions. It’s always a good idea to recommend to your clients to speak with their healthcare providers prior to ingesting CBD.


CBD is a safe option for clients of any background or age. Whether you have a child getting a pedicure or an elderly client looking for a massage, CBD upgrades are a great way to enhance their experience. There is no minimum age requirement for CBD. It is also non-habit forming and safe in larges doses.


CBD is a wonderful way to differentiate your spa, offering a potential alternative pathway to treatment. With many spas successfully providing CBD service offerings, it is a great way to improve revenue while driving client satisfaction. Since topical CBD products don’t have any side effects or drug interactions, it is a great upgrade to provide your guests. If you have any questions regarding topical CBD, please contact us!